Pełna wersja: CASE 8010 + Varicut 3050 + Header trailer Multifruit
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I have already downloaded the standing Case8010 the new Case-paint, a compass, another straw particle system and dynamic exhaust fumes assigned.
These are now following fruits are threshed with Drescher:
wheat, rape maize, barley, oat, rye, triticale, rice, poppy, sunflower, soybean (to German: wheat, canola, corn, barley, oats, rye, triticale, rice, poppy, sunflower, soybeans).
The cutter is made of realistic reasons, at least the harvest of maize is not applicable.
The engine sound is worth hearing in any case. :-)
In addition, he has the ESLimiter (Rev).

Grain tank capacity: 10500 l
Cutting width: 9.15 meters

It can be used with or straw swath harvester to work => Press the "T"
Price in store:
-8010: 285.000LS �
-3050: 43.500LS �
-SWW: 5.600LS �
The zip archive contains the 3 actual mods. So the downloaded zip file into the mod folder to unpack, "not copy ", and done.

Existing scripts:
-Compass Sign

Model 8010 Case and Varicut: Matliik, Boro, Hanysek, Shippy, ls conversions
Case 8010 script and Varicut: wohlstandskind GIANTS Software, Sven777b, sven18koehler, shangri66
Edit for LS2011: Nocsy
Bug fix for Varicut and adaptation: Mr. F, Damdim

Header trailer model (according modDesc): shangri66
Header trailer script (according modDesc): MxY.rlp

Exhaust particles script: SFM-Modding

Compass script entry: JACK


Mod from another forum. Keep the original download link.