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[Obrazek: ih_400_cyclo_planter.jpg]

This is the IH Cyclo 400 planter (seeder) from 2009 by mifku. It has been converted to LS 11. This is a seeder that has to be filled to work. It uses Knagsted's JD 1760 script. The marker arms do work! I was told it was for SP only so I do not know if it will work in MP. There are two versions in the pack. Version 1 is an old rusty looking version and Version 2 is a new looking version. This is only a 6 row planter but it works very well. It has been tested to work with Potatoes, Maize, and Soybeans.

1. Unzip the IHC Planters zip folder. Inside you will find a folder that says IHC planters.

2. Open the IHC planters folder and inside you will find 2 more folders. (Old Cyclo Planter, and New Cyclo Planter)

3. Open the folder of which type of planter you want and put that zip file into your mods folder.

4. Happy seeding! Smiley

Fruit types: sunflower maize maizev2 oat soybean pea potato sugarbeet

I did not personally do anything to this mod so if you have any problems you will need to contact someone else to help.


I would like to thank the following people who contributed to make this mod possible if I have left anyone out who deserves credit please let me know so that you may be added:

Model: mifku

Conversion to LS11: Tubman

Additional fruit types added: Tubman

Reskin for new cyclo planter: Nikko08

JD 1760 script: Knagsted

In game testing: Tubman, Nikko08, Gubment Cheese


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